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dear BWP lovers

who would have thought that such a deep and meaningful photography shoots girl in 18 years. despite the fact that most of it is released in color and not a portraits, anyway we focus your attention on her. Meet, beautiful Felicia.

Poison prince by iNeedChemicalX

How long have you been a photographer?
I've been taking photographs for 5 years now, since I was 13.
I can't wait to say I've been doing this for 80 years.

 The shape you're in by iNeedChemicalX  Colder by iNeedChemicalX The Silence of the Lambs by iNeedChemicalX

If you had to choose one lens which one would it be and why?
My Canon 60mm f/2.8 Macro lens. For the magnificent portraits it makes
(yes, lens makes the portrait!)

Ghost of the White River by iNeedChemicalX Shades of me by iNeedChemicalX  Involuntary model by iNeedChemicalX
Tenderly by iNeedChemicalXMy sweet joy by iNeedChemicalX Young Adolf by iNeedChemicalX

If you could be invisible for one day with your camera…
I'd walk across the streets and take photographs of everyone and everything. A dream.

A Silent Heartbeat by iNeedChemicalX Shadows in the Sun by iNeedChemicalX I want to live a simple life by iNeedChemicalX Melancholia by iNeedChemicalX Sunday on the shore by iNeedChemicalX

If someone said ‘how can I be the next iNeedChemicalX?’ What would you say?
Oh you don't want to be! One is enough! Be yourself, it's the best thing you can do.  



prepared the interview and selection of photos
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breathinfreedom Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow, simply amazing, I didn't know her :)
kamilaa13 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student Photographer
she is awesome. i love her photographies.
skinpistol Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
I remember her since she was 16 or 15 ! amazing girl .
DropxLife Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
She is definitely amazing :)
iNeedChemicalX Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
my Goodness, this was unexpected! i'm happy, happy as a clam!

Thank you :tighthug:!!!
pic0ck Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012
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December 28, 2012


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